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Welcome to Cesar E. Chavez

Science Magnet School  




Congratulations students, staff, and parents 

for achieving an API score of 866

General Information

Cesar E. Chavez Science Magnet School was built in 1994 and located in the northeast part of Bakersfield, Chavez was named after Cesar Estrada Chavez, the founder of the United Farm Workers. Chavez serves approximately 400 students a year in grades K-6. Our population includes three Special Education Autistic classes. Our Learning Lab was redeveloped to meet the educational needs of identified special needs students. We are a science-centered magnet school. For parents interested in a strong science-centered curriculum and parents in need of day care, Chavez School offers an intriguing option.

Students attend regular day core academic classes from 8:12 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. and extended day Magnet classes until 5:00 p.m. After their regular school day, students attend three forty-minute magnet activity periods with a snack recess. Special activities for kindergarten students are also provided.

In 2002 Chavez was recognized by the California Department of Education as a California Distinguished School.

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August 19th - Mon
First day of school
August 20th- Tues
Early out for non-magnet
@ 1:50
August 29th- Thurs
Late start @ 10:12